Fuck Yeah

A four day gaming convention just ended. Awesome. Unfortunatly I still have school work to do and instead of doing it I;m reading the bloggess. Fuck. Tomorrow’s Monday. I hate Monday’s.


Can’t think of one

I know that no one really reads my blog but that’s ok because this is mainly a way for me to voice my opinion with out my dad yelling at me and trying to get me to see the light.

Right now I’m sitting in my front yard wishing that I could have a wolverine stuffed, alive , or dead. But that wont happen so I’ basically rambling ont his blog.

As most of you know I’m not that funny of a person except by accident and nothing really interesting happens to me a lot so I kinda sit a home and do nothing because I’m 14 and can’t drive anywhere. So bear with me while I try, and fail to be funny/random. But mainly just weird.

Babies. They just popped into my mind y’all. Now I’m thinking about all the dead baby jokes I know and realizing that I desperately need to know more.

My mind is rambling now and even I can’t make sense of it, so that’s my cue to go get a beer. If I was 21. Damn these drinking laws!!!!!

I’m Back

Sorry haven’t been writing lately. I’ve been enjoying life hopefully like the rest of you.

Today I was going to my orchestra lessons at Duke University, and on the way we passed by ninth street and it was the Gay Pride Festival today. I was so mad that I had to miss it because I had violin until 2 o’clock. I here to say, if you know anyone who is gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or questioning in your life that is open, don’t give them crud. Be happy that they feel secure enough to come out into the open. No one should have to keep part of their life in secrecy. It can be complete torture to keep part of your life hidden from your parents or your best friemd. Not to mention some people are so scared that because of who they are that they are going to burn in hell forever. And if you’ve been brought up to believe that, it can extremely terrifying to believe that by doing nothing wrong they are going to be eternaly punished. In general, just be kind to everyone no-mater their race, gender, or sexuality. It’s not that hard to do.

The Big Green Bus

Hey all you readers of my blog,

I was recently at the Festival for the Eno, a big community festival that raises money for the health and well being of the Eno River. While there I ran into the Big Green Bus. It is this old bus that these college students have converted into bio-diesel and are touring the country to inform people about caring for the enviornment. Google the Big Green Bus and you’ll find them. I really recomend¬† it.


Water isn’t technically a right, but it should be. Everyone should have the right to clean, drinkable water. Even though a lot of people in the world do not. The privatization of water might bring in clean water or not in poor countries, but it drives the prices up so no one can afford it. Water really should be a right, because a human cannot go more than three days without water in normal conditions.
If I could add right to the U.S. Constitution it would be the right for living necessities. That would include food, water, shelter, and heat. This is because there are too many people suffering in the U.S. We just happen to turn our heads in the other direction. So many people believe that the U.S. Is perfect and there’s nothing wrong with the way it’s run. WRONG. People are suffering because we think that.We are pretty clean compared to a lot of the other countries in the world, but that’s no excuse. Now some people would refuse this right thinking of it as charity, but it would help the country in the long run.

Art of Elysium

Hey there all my faithful readers. If there are any.

I’m now using a widget that will let me and all of you guys/gals out there to raise money for the Art of Elysium. What The Art of Elysium does is it lets kids in hospitals do art projects that were put together by the communities gifted teenagers. All you have to do is click the help now button on the badge on the webpage. It’ll direct you to the website and tell you what to do from there. Help make a difference. That’s my humble opinion for the day. And no, I dont get paid for this.

Peace Out!!! =)

Eartrh Day

Hey there all my faithful readers!

My current events class is talking about earth day. Just because it’s one day out of the year, doesn’t mean that we can’t celebrate it every day. Do something nice in your neiborhood or city. Organize a clean up. Do something for a change.