Water isn’t technically a right, but it should be. Everyone should have the right to clean, drinkable water. Even though a lot of people in the world do not. The privatization of water might bring in clean water or not in poor countries, but it drives the prices up so no one can afford it. Water really should be a right, because a human cannot go more than three days without water in normal conditions.
If I could add right to the U.S. Constitution it would be the right for living necessities. That would include food, water, shelter, and heat. This is because there are too many people suffering in the U.S. We just happen to turn our heads in the other direction. So many people believe that the U.S. Is perfect and there’s nothing wrong with the way it’s run. WRONG. People are suffering because we think that.We are pretty clean compared to a lot of the other countries in the world, but that’s no excuse. Now some people would refuse this right thinking of it as charity, but it would help the country in the long run.


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