I’m Back

Sorry haven’t been writing lately. I’ve been enjoying life hopefully like the rest of you.

Today I was going to my orchestra lessons at Duke University, and on the way we passed by ninth street and it was the Gay Pride Festival today. I was so mad that I had to miss it because I had violin until 2 o’clock. I here to say, if you know anyone who is gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or questioning in your life that is open, don’t give them crud. Be happy that they feel secure enough to come out into the open. No one should have to keep part of their life in secrecy. It can be complete torture to keep part of your life hidden from your parents or your best friemd. Not to mention some people are so scared that because of who they are that they are going to burn in hell forever. And if you’ve been brought up to believe that, it can extremely terrifying to believe that by doing nothing wrong they are going to be eternaly punished. In general, just be kind to everyone no-mater their race, gender, or sexuality. It’s not that hard to do.


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