Can’t think of one

I know that no one really reads my blog but that’s ok because this is mainly a way for me to voice my opinion with out my dad yelling at me and trying to get me to see the light.

Right now I’m sitting in my front yard wishing that I could have a wolverine stuffed, alive , or dead. But that wont happen so I’ basically rambling ont his blog.

As most of you know I’m not that funny of a person except by accident and nothing really interesting happens to me a lot so I kinda sit a home and do nothing because I’m 14 and can’t drive anywhere. So bear with me while I try, and fail to be funny/random. But mainly just weird.

Babies. They just popped into my mind y’all. Now I’m thinking about all the dead baby jokes I know and realizing that I desperately need to know more.

My mind is rambling now and even I can’t make sense of it, so that’s my cue to go get a beer. If I was 21. Damn these drinking laws!!!!!


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